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Geographic Location

Sichuan Shengma Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is located at the Industrial Park of Daying County, Suining City, Sichuan Province and in the middle of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, 114 km away from Chengdu and 140 km Chongqing. As its great advantage in transportation, Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway, Mianyang-Chongqing Expressway, Dazhou-Chengdu Railway and Chengdu-Chongqing High Speed Railway go through Daying County.


The Company was initially established in 1958 and named Pengxi Refinery. In 1958 when the former Ministry of Petroleum organized an exploration for oil in Sichuan Province under the leadership of Kang Shi’en, the former Vice Premier of the State Council and Oil Minister, Pengxi Refinery was invested and established by the Pengxi County People’s Government to process its home-grown crude oil and solve the problem in outbound shipment of crude oil in the early state of that battle.

In October 1997, the Company was renamed to be Sichuan Shengma Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and confirmed to be a limited reliability company according to the document (CJTGG [1997] No. 007) promulgated by the Sichuan Economic Restructuring Commission.

In December 1997, the Company was put under the administration of Daying County with the approval of the State Council.

In 2000 when an overall rectification in the oil refinery industry was carried out nationwide, the Company was the only petrochemical enterprise in Southwestern China reserved by the state (Approval No.: GJMSH [2000] No. 1095).

In November 2003, the Daying County People’s Government transferred its state-owned equity to natural person Xu Qingtao.

In May 2006 after the merger with Xinying Petroleum Asphalt Co., Ltd., the Company still kept its old name with a total equity issue of 152.93 million shares.

In 2009, The Company was accepted into the Sichuan 7+3 Industrial Development Plan (2008-2020) and the Action Plan for the Adjustment and Revitalization of Sichuan Eight Major Industries (2009-2011).

Major Shareholders

The shareholders of the Company are mainly composed of PetroChina Company Limited, Sichuan Huasheng Petroleum Development Co., Ltd., Xu Qingtao, Li Fengyun and other individual shareholders.

Leaders' Care

Since its establishment, the Company has been concerned and supported by party committees and governments at all levels. The leaders at all levels have visited our Company for many times to coordinate the solution of such issues as the needed crude oil, transportation etc. and made important instructions on how to expand the Company with a higher expectation from it. In 2007, the Company was listed as one of the enterprises under provincial cultivation, industrial enterprise with superior resources, the pilot enterprises of technological innovation as well as the leading enterprise of chemical industry vigorously promoted by Daying County and Suining City.

Human Resource
Now the Company houses over 900 employees consisting of 10 senior engineers, over 100 professionals of all sorts and 335 persons of college degree or above, who have formed a balanced human resource structure, made abundant reserves of talents and built a strong work team loving their enterprise as their home.

The Company has hired externally thirteen professionals and experts as its long-term consultants and built up a long-term and stable partnership with domestic petrochemical research institute, design institute and universities. In 2007, the Company Signed a University-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement with Southwest Petroleum University and become an Industry-Study-Research Base established by both parties.

Major Installations and Products

The Company’s existing installations are 3.5 mt/y Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Plant, 600,000 t/y Catalytic Cracking Plant, 150,000 t/y Gas Fractionation Plant, 30,000 t/y MTBE Plant, 80,000 t/y Polypropylene Plant, 250,000 t/y Gasoline Selective Hydrogenation Plant, 200,000 t/y C4 and Naphtha Non-Hydrogenation Upgrading Plant, 1 mt/y Gasoline and Diesel Oil Hydrogenation Refining Plant, 20,000 Nm3/h Hydrogen Producing Plant, 20,000 t/y Sulfur Recovering Plant, the special railway lines of 3 mt/y capacity and supporting utilities.

Its main products are No. 97#, No. 93# and No. 90# gasoline & No.0# diesel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, polypropylene, sulfur, petroleum coke, petroleum asphalt etc., among which No. 70# and No. 90# heavy traffic road asphalts were praised as the Sichuan Famous-Brand Products.

Development Plan

In 2012, the Company has boosted the implementation of its strategic objective “Make a Better Refining and Stronger Petrochemical Industry” and kept improving installation structure and expanding industry chain.

Company’s Concept

The Company has followed the market-oriented and economic benefit-focused policy with humanistic management as the thread, technological development as the drive, pursuit of new growth sources as the focal point, technical innovation as the strong energy, making stronger and bigger as the eternal objective, energy saving and emission reduction as development opportunity, striving to realize its goal for safety, environmental protection, energy saving and sustainable development.

Company’s Honors

Over years, the Company has been awarded with such honorable titles as “Sichuan Provincial Best Civilization Unit”, “Sichuan Provincial Advanced Unit of Chemical Industry”, “Sichuan Provincial AAA Credit Rating Unit”, “Sichuan Provincial Pilot Enterprise of Technological Innovation”, “Sichuan Provincial Enterprise with Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights”, “Suining Municipal Advanced Enterprise with Technological Innovation” and “Suining Top Five Enterprise with Best Sales Revenue and Highest Taxes Payment” etc.

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